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Helping you make powerful financial decisions
Whittaker & Company provides advisory, tax and financial reporting solutions to businesses, executives and high net-worth individuals. We view the world differently and believe accounting firms should be working with their clients on the strategies and drivers that move key performance areas. We’ll work with you on the issues that really matter.

Managing your compliance and developing proactive activities
Tax returns, financial statements, IRS communications and similar items are vital to address and process, but they should not be the focal point. Think of these as tasks to get to the real work, which is providing you the information you need and an interchange of ideas to move you forward. The goal is to help you implement your strategies and vision. This is what we do!

Our firm uses an Efficient Enterprise model to drive efforts
The model helps an owner with:

How do we charge?
We utilize a fixed price approach. Once we talk through your needs and understand your objectives, we develop a fixed price that is fair and will enable you to achieve what needs to be done. We realize changes may occur – challenges or opportunities surface. Sometimes the goal itself changes when interests, industry or technology changes occur.  We’ll address additional needs as a project and talk through whatever additional costs it may take to provide solutions.

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